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1st Treviso Lung Day: From Standards of diagnosis to novel treatment options
Giugno 2019

1st Treviso Lung Day: From Standards of diagnosis to novel treatment options

TREVISO 07/06/2019

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The aim of the present 1st Edition of “Treviso Lung Day” is to provide an overview of where the Respiratory clinicians are on a few main topics in respiratory diseases: obstructive lung diseases (asthma, severe asthma, and COPD), lung cancer, and interstitial lung diseases. The first 2 sessions of the first day will focus on the recent major advancements on asthma phenotyping, with a particular interest on severe asthma, and novel innovative pharmacological anti-asthmatic modalities and treatments. Asthma is a very common chronic airway inflammatory disorder, affecting the 5-10% of the whole population, with the subset of “severe asthma” which counts the highest impact on patients’ quality of life, and the highest social impact for asthma. A Lettura Magistrale will present what is the update on the optimal lung cancer diagnosis and novel treatment approach, which both require a multidisciplinary team of specialists who care for a significant number of patients on a regular basis. Lung cancer carries a huge disease burden: the death toll is high, the disease severely impacts the quality of life of patients and their families, and it is associated with considerable costs for patients and health systems. The afternoon sessions will be dedicated to the very important issue of patients with COPD, with a particular emphasis to the more optimistic view that multiple drug combination, and rehabilitative and ventilatory approach to the severe COPD patients might prolong their life expectancy, and not only improve their symptoms and quality of life. The 2 sessions of the 2nd day will entirely focus on interstitial lung diseases, especially on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), which is the most common form of interstitial lung disease, and which is associated with high morbidity and mortality with a reported median survival of approximately three years until recently. The speakers will highlight the complexity of the diagnostic approach of this disease, since many challenges exist, particularly in relation to diagnosis, clinical phenotyping and treatment options. They will also give un update of the newest options for pharmacologic treatments, with recent data showing a chance to change the prognosis of the disease, and un update on lung transplant for the more severe patients. The invited speakers, national and international, have in common an exceptional scientific production specific to the topics they deal with, documented by their publications on the most prestigious international journals in the field. The meeting will represent a unique opportunity to interact with the most national and international experts of these topics, in the historical town of Treviso cited by Dante in the Divina Commedia, in the vicinity of spectacular Venice, in the beautiful Veneto region with its amazing landscapes!


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